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What are clinical trials and why do they matter?

Types of Medical Trials

Before you decide to take part in a medical trial it might be wise to consider the stage of drug development that the trial refers to:

A Phase I trial means the drug is in the experimental phase, a small group of people (usually between 20 and 80) will be asked to test the drug to make sure it safe, establish a safe dosage and identify any side-effects.

During Phase II medical trials the drug is given to a larger group of people (between 100 and 300) to test whether it does was it says on the label and to evaluate its safety under a larger group of patients.

During Phase III medicall trials the drug or treatment is given to large groups of people (usually between 1000 and 3000) to confirm that it is effective, make sure of any side-effects and what caused them, compare the experimental drug with similar ones on the market and to make sure the drug is safe.

Phase IV of drug trials are usually dedicated to post marketing studies and to gather any further information on potential risks of the drug, its general benefits and how it should be used optimally.

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