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What are clinical trials and why do they matter?

What are medical trials

A medical trial is a research study focusing on the effects of new drugs - or products on the human body. Medical trials are highly regulated worldwide and follow a strict set of rules. Strict criteria are set for those who would be allowed to participate. Medicall trials must, for example, be stopped by law if the experimental drugs produce life-threatening side-effects.

They can take one of two formats. Interventional studies are done on ill people who are then given access to new research treatments while investigators try to find out if their conditions improve. For many critical ill people it is sometimes a last resort and they end up helping science come closer to those elusive holy grails of the pharmaceutical world - the cure for HIV/Aids and cancer.

People suffering of chronic conditions, like diabetes, are also often invited to take part in medical trials. Observational trials use healthy people who are then given experimental drugs in a highly controlled environment to see whether they show any side-effects and to measure the impact of the drug.

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