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Paid Clinical Trials

Paid Clinical Trials

Can I get paid for taking part in a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are funded by role players in the medical and pharmaceutical field who want answers. As a volunteer you will be crucial in helping them to get those answers.

Especially where drugs are still in early stages of development, volunteers are paid for theifr participation. Payment is also a way to get more people to join - as it does go against most people's nature to sign up for weeks of possible headaches, hair loss and nausea.

Trials that offer payment are often for drugs that will offer little or no health benefits to the subject - volunteers are paid for their time, travel expenses, and as compensation for possibly discomfort as these trials often test of side-effects.

Payment information including the amount, the schedule of payments and any possible cost that volunteers will have to incur must be discussed before the trial starts. It is part of what is called informed consent procedures.

Informed consent means that a volunteer in a medical trial has been informed of all the aspects of the drug trial before sign-up. Informed consent procedures are also followed throughout the study. Volunteers will be asked to sign an informed consent document explaining the risks and potential benefits (including financial). This is not the same as a contract and it does not stop a volunteer from withdrawing from the trial at any stage.

When considering compensation it is import to think about how the trial will impact on your daily life. Will you have to take time off work? Also think about how long the trial will last, if you will have to spend time in hospital (as this might bring about extra costs like hiring a babysitter), who will pay for the treatment, exactly what expenses will be paid for, will you need follow-up care.

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