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What are clinical trials and why do they matter?

How to register for medical trials in London

First check the criteria of the medical trial you wish to register for carefully - if you do not fit the parameters of the study you will only waste your time applying. In general criteria will include you age and your health. No use lying about the state of your health (as some of us do to our trainers at the gym) - this time round you can expect blood and urine tests, your body mass index to be measured, a physical exam and, if necessary, heart monitoring. It is also vital to know that if the drug trial criteria state that you must not be a smoker, they mean that you must not have smoked for at least 3 months. Also check the requirements for contraception as it might exclude you or you might want not want to take part in the study further.

If you have a general interest in taking part in London medical trials, then you may wish to register online by filling in the registration form here. Trials4us will then contact you if you are considered to be a suitable candidate for medical trials they are conducting.

If you are interested in a specific drug trial, you first will have to undergo a telephone screening. This is where a researcher will ask you a number of questions to first eliminate the highly unsuitable candidates. If you pass that test you will be asked to undergo a screening examination. If the general state of your health falls within the parameters of the study you will be invited to join - don't feel too bad if you don't make it. In general about 1 in 3 volunteers is suitable for the specific parameters of a medical trial.

Every CRO (Clinical Research Organisation) has a full team of volunteer recruitment specialists, who are there to assist you every step of the way. They are there to answer your questions, guide you through the registration process and help you during your further participation in the drug trial.

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